There are only 4 places for the characters….can I have more?

You can have only 4 characters, but it’s enough … don’t go too far. If you find your character boring, you can delete it, and start a new one instead.

I’ve created my character, clicked on it, clicked on GAME, chose prowling but it throws me back to the screen where I can decide which character I want. What should I do?

Don’t panic :) all you have to do is to type “www” before and it will be fine..

What if I can’t play or a while (lack of time, or away from civilization where there’s no internet access)? Can I make up arrears of game?

Of course! First of all: the program stores your action points up to 999, so in case of a large break you can still make up your arrear. is not a contest, there’s no winner or loser…all you have to do is to have fun

I’ve clicked one and a previous page appeared. Something is wrong with my life points as well..What happened?

In case of wrong browser settings, it is possible that the page is loaded from its cache instead of refreshing it. Chose your character-sheet than press SHIFT plus refresh. Long term solution: If you use internet explorer you can find “internet options” within “tools”. In the middle of the screen: “temporary files” press “options”. Chose the “automatic” option. If it doesn’t help chose “refresh always”.

I bought a slave-o-bot but I can’t see where to put it under use!

You don’t have to put under use: robots, ship-building books or histocrystal. It’s enough to have them. The advantage of the robot can be seen on the character-sheet: the firearms increased. The powers of the robots don’t added together.

If I find a new artifact how can I tell whether it is better than the one I own? How can I decide here to put it?

As soon as you find the artifact, go with your cursor to the name of it. Then a description of the artifact appears down on your character sheet, read it. After this click on the eye next to the present artifact. Compare them, and if you like it more, change it. You can tell the type of the artifact easily. Only weapons can wound, those which wound pretty small are secondary weapons. Generators are all have a name that includes generator the artifacts strengthening your armor have shield or armor in their names. All other gadgets (computers, etc.) go to other technologies.

My character’s name changed…what happened??

As in every similar game, we want you to give a proper name to your character. If you chose an anachronistic name or a course-word or an existing personal name or anything that does not fit in the game, you have to keep in mind that we can change it to something which is almost similar to the name you’ve chosen but it’s acceptable by our moderator. Unfortunately you have to accept the new name or you have to delete the character. So please chose a name that fits the story

Which is the highest level I can get with my character?

In the game the highest level is 45. In case of premium membership there are 15 more levels so you can have a 60 level character.

What can I do if my character has been damaged by some system error and I want to get some compensation?

If you realize a mistake like that, please send us an e-mail to (don’t post it on the forum) with the subject: goddess bug, we will try to do our best. We can’t give you any compensation (nor we can reset your character to the previous state) as is a free game…please accept it in its present state.

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