Tips and tricks In the following lines we’ve collected some advice and trick that can be useful.

-a complete repair in the workhouse costs either the previous one +1 credit or 5%of your credits (the program will chose the more expensive one). So if the previous repair cost 19credits and you have 600 credits, you should spend at least 200credits before you visit the workhouse or else it will cost 30credits (then 31…)

-if your ship is not wasted, the repair costs less

-on the first level you can fix your ship (to perfect) in 6hours (by doing nothing just waiting). This period of time gets shorter as your level increases by 10 minutes so on level 30 you can fix your ship in one hour. It’s cheaper than having it repaired in the workhouse but it takes more time.

-if you have less than 20 artifacts, you can repair your ship by spending action points on it. But be careful because if you have more than 20 artifacts, you can’t use this option. So if you have plenty of actions it’s advisable to sell all unnecessary artifacts and fix for action points.

-about hit probability. Your basic hit probability grows with your character’s level, but it is weakened by the maneuvering of the enemy. Over 10 this means about 2% from your hit probability, and every firearm skill strengthens it by 1%. The hit probability is at least 40% and it can be maximum 90%. So if the enemy has 10% hit probability but he throws 30%, he will hit you but its damage decreases much.

-about damage. The damage depends on the weapon you use, but you get some extra point during every leveling up (the higher level you have, the higher points you get to your damage. This skill is increased by weapon knowledge as well but it is weakened by the shield of your enemy. Approximately 3 points of weapon knowledge (over 11) increases damage by 1 and every 6-7 shield decreases it by 1.

-over a certain level, you can have secondary weapon damage. This damage is less than the primary, but still increases by weapon knowledge.

-some artifacts increase the chance of critical damage. Critical damage increases the total damage heavily in case of a successful hit.

-your enemies have different skills in accordance with the basic skills of their level. Some of them have stronger and some are weaker shield, armor, maneuvering, damage or hit probability than the average.

-in the shop when you sell something you can mark out each from the actual artifacts by clicking on the arrow pointing left. But be careful those are marked with red are being used so don’t sell them.

-during leveling up you should visit the shop as there are often some stuff that can be useful. The shop shows you only the last 6 levels’ artifacts. Those are in typical order. The newest artifacts are always the most expensive ones in a given category so you will find them easily.

-find balance between attack and defense. Your character is optimal if you can defeat as many enemies as possible (without fixing your ship) without escaping from a battle. Of course you won’t defeat everybody, there are some ships that have extraordinary maneuvering or armor.. You will need some luck to defeat those.

-if you want to play the game till the end fast, be our premier member so that the finish can be reached easier.

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