We’re in the far future. The human race invaded space, conquering the neighboring solar-systems, settled down on dozens of planets creating colonies on them. It’s 2555 when astronomers first realized huge moving objects which came towards the new world of humanity. No doubt it would be the first personal connection with the aliens...everyone awaits the meeting. In the following two weeks all attempt of creating connection between us fail, there’s no answer from them. Authorities warn the outer-colonies to be careful, battlecruisers wait steady. The strangers (who got the name DHARKYN by the population) still deny communication, but they drop a huge machine on the first human-habited planet. The tremendous machine builds itself and begins to work, while humanity does nothing but watch silently. The machine starts to draw everything from the surface transmitting a black and yellow ray towards the mother ship revolving around the planet. The effects overdo every weapons of mass destruction. Evacuation begins but it’s too late. The number of victims reaches the critical point. Battlecruises attack the machine built on the surface and the much bigger mother ship. It’s the time when the DHARKYNS reveal their arms, shields and fighter aircrafts. The protection of the planet is ruined within an hour and the recycling of the planet continues while the other mother ships are dropping other machines onto the surface. Humanity is shocked by the cruel invasion. The evacuation of the outer colonies begins while the united space-fleet ascends to defeat the enemy. After the battle it became obvious that the aliens are in superiority both technologically and physical.

Not even the bigger aircrafts have protection against the horrible energy weapons. Surprisingly the DHARKYNs are not chasing the escaping ships they are just protecting their fleet and mining-ships. The planet is destroyed within some days by the drawing machines which probably continue their destruction on another planet after descending from the exploding corps of the previous one. More and more mother ship come increasing the number of the fleet, which already approaches thousand. The first one is being attacked by human again and again with no success. The aim of the DHARKLYNs is obviously the recycling of planets, taking no notice of survivors. Unfortunately they appear to go towards more and more populated planets, which means soon they reach Planet Earth. After realizing that none of those get injured who have not attack them, hundreds of ships of the media surround the DHARKLYN mother ships. Then on the edge of the known-world a new fleet appears. Smaller but quicker ships arrive attacking the DHARKLYs. Humanity celebrates when they got news about the first mother ship falling down flaming onto the surface. On the other hand the emancipators (just like the DHARKLYNs) deny all form of communication. Moreover as they move faster with their ships than DHARKLYNs do, the small ships overtake them and start to attack a habited planet. Within some hours all forms of life extinct on the planet. Those who have just recovered from their shock watch the last broadcast of the reporters before their ship explodes.

The new race is more dangerous and mortal than DHARKLYNs are. Later they got the name VERTOXIN. The VERTOXINs built their base on the conquered planet, from where they attack the DHARKLYNs. Behind the invasion-fleet new spaceships appear. Bigger aircrafts come than the mother ships of the DHARKLYNs. They ruin the first mother ship in a second and they simply swallow the wreck with a magnetic ray. The sun which they surround with their ships slowly pales as they suck its energy. In the following days two new races attacks the first and fight each other as well without any significant success.

Scientists, politicians and hundreds of other citizens are trying to figure out what is happening and what should they do about the crisis. According to the theory of a scientist, called Eudron DHARKLYN is a galactic tribe, roaming from planet to planet satisfying their primary needs. These ‘peaceful’ creatures are only interested in nutrition. It’s just an accident that our galaxy crossed their path. On the other hand herbivores appeal to predators like magnets draw metal. VERTOXINs and GADHONs (the third race’s name) are predators who are not interested in the destiny of human race. They just followed the DHARKLYNs to attack and eat them. Eudron’s theory was not accepted by many but a few men believe that it could be the chance to survive as the aim of the invasion is not to exterminate mankind (however it can happen as a side effect). Some say that we should prey on the fact that we’re not the aim of any of the tribes. A resistance movement is formed to attack the spaceships with small fighters. They often loose but sometimes they are successful. The first preys are strange weapons and other accessories.
Examining these artifacts lead us to a dynamic evolution of our technology that helps us equalize the chances. Billions of people are trying to escape as far as they can. Economies go bankrupt and some became multimillionaire. Fortunately DHARKLYNs go slow giving chance the humanity to rescue as many souls as they can because predators don’t overtake the DHARKLYNs. According to the estimations the complete destruction of planet Earth can last for years, and DHARKLYNs can be defeated by that time (by the VERTOXINs or the GADHONs). But there’s not much chance for that. DHARKLYNs are superior in numbers; moreover they can build more and more mother ships from the raw materials they gain from the mines. As the weeks and months pass by, most of the population gets used to the situation that conditions have changed. They await the end, or they try to do their best in the remaining time. The resistance powers get stronger… they can build fighters and weapons with the help of the technology they preyed. Do tigers deal with mosquitoes sucking blood from their body? Of course none of us like if we are resembled to a mosquito or a plain before grazing, but it seems to be exactly what is happening and the theory of Eudoron was right. When finally new races follow the VERTOXINs and the GADHONs with more dreadful weapons, no one is surprised. The theory only changes about the DHARKLYNs. They are more like planktons than a roaming tribe that are being consumed by VERTOXINs and GADHONs… but there are some bigger fish out there in the universe.
What is your role in this whole conflict? You are one of the brave resistants who are able to battle the races consuming humanity. Your crumbly small ship is equipped with the top weapons of our kind, but it’s barely enough to defeat the enemy. Your equipment is extended with your courage and audaciousness. If you have enough dexterity, you can get some artifacts from the enemy by fighting small ships so you can soon be prepared to fight stronger fighters as your equipment develops. You will fight alone as the enemy wrecks all fleets that can be dangerous to them while you will be only a mosquito to them. They will not use their energy sources to fight one in the million. Be the hero of humanity, show them that we worth more than mosquitoes and plankton-food. If we can sting them for a long time and many times, we can get to the top of the food chain!!

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